This site is a work in progress, where I am thrashing out the thinking around what it means to do pedagogically-driven, sustainable, large-scale active learning that involves apparatus and experiments. Spoiler alert: it involves online alternatives such as remote laboratories, virtual laboratories, and simulations that together are called Non-Traditional Practical Work. Even if you have lots of teaching laboratory space, you still need this stuff in your near-future life, because it lets you do stuff no physical lab can do. Interested in the details? Want to contribute? Great – read on …

  1. What’s the problem?
  2. The Medium is the Message
  3. How long do we have?
  4. Predicting change
  5. Dimensions of a solution
  6. Pedagogy
  7. Practicality
  8. Sustainability
  9. Non-Traditional Practical Work
  10. Simulated Laboratories
  11. Virtual Laboratories
  12. Remote laboratories
  13. Home Experiment Kits – Oh HEcK no?
  14. Implemention
  15. Criticisms
  16. Criticism: touch
  17. Further benefits
  18. Interactive micro-spaces
  19. Thanks
  20. References